Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene
Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene
Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene
Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene

Our History

Mt. Hope was originally a church plant from the Bethel Brethren Church. Later it became a Methodist Episcopal Church on a circuit with Clarke’s Chapel and the Bobo Church. The parsonage was located in Bobo, IN and the pastor came to Mt. Hope every other Sunday.


Sensing a need for closer Christian fellowship, many attended church meetings at the Berne Church of the Nazarene. Realizing that this church believed in the same doctrine as they did, the people became acquainted with the Church of the Nazarene. The District Superintendent was contacted about the possibility of Mt. Hope uniting with the Church of the Nazarene and on May 3, 1937, the Mt. Hope Church of the Nazarene was organized with 14 charter members.


On May 9, 1937, Rev. Sprurgeon & Fae Hendrix were called to be the first pastors. Mt. Hope’s love for the mission field began in 1941 when they said goodbye to  their first parsonage family as they departed for Buenos Aires, Argentina as Nazarene missionaries.


That first ‘goodbye’ has been followed by many more as Mt. Hope has sent dozens off on Work & Witness trips and supported missions from their hearts.


Mt. Hope also has a history of growing pains. In 1961 its facilities were added on to. In 1966, a chicken house was purchased, moved to the parsonage and remodeled  as a fellowship building. In 1973, a beautiful new sanctuary was dedicated and six months later, the mortgage was burned and the old church was remodeled for classroom use.


1978 brought the addition of a new fellowship building on the church

property. October 1984 saw the dedication of a new parsonage located just west of the church. In 1997, Sunday morning activities were held at the South Adams High School due to the Family Life Center building project. In November of 1998 that new facility was dedicated and has proven to be a tool for the Lord to use to reach the surrounding community.


Mt. Hope is not only thankful for the past, but is looking forward to all that God has in store for us in the future. Our future is in His Hands.

More than just a church,  

we're a family!

We invite you to join us

Sunday mornings

at 9:00 for 

Kidz, Teens & Adult

Hope Connect Classes. 

Our Sunday 

Morning Worship

service begins

at 10 am. 


No Sunday evening service

at this time


Take a look at our

upcoming events calendar 

to keep up on other activities.

Mount Hope

Church of the Nazarene

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Mount Hope Church of the Nazarene